Time passes, and moments suddenly turn into memories…

Memories also fade, but certain moments are pierced in your heart in such a way that they are simply impossible to forget. And those were the kind of memories that were made last October in beautiful Guatemala.

Pictures are such a wonderful way to freeze a moment in time, and to help keep those memories fresh in our minds. As the team shared pictures and recalled memories last Sunday, I realized that each of this photos holds a treasured story, and a cherished memory, that will never be forgotten.

The memories did not fade away when we set foot on Canadian soil again, but they remain very much alive, to bring unspeakable joy to our souls, and an empty space in our hearts that heavily sparks a desire to soon return, and make new memories once again!



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As sad as it is that this precious week is coming to an end, one word keeps pounding inside of me: Happiness.

The smile on the children’s faces as they received what might very well be their first gift ever brought so much joy to my heart. There is a sweetness when you look deep into their eyes that you can’t find anywhere else. They have seen the harsh side of life since the day of their birth, yet one plain balloon or a gentle hug is enough to brighten the eyes on their dirty faces.

While they think that we came to give them much, it is them that give us so much more in return. True happiness begins when you forget about your own and rejoice in someone else’s.

Today I want to share just a few pictures with you, and leave you with a thought. While you see the photos, try to look beyond the image to catch a glimpse of the joy that dwells in them.

If they can find a reason to smile today, so can we. 🙂


IMG_7122_Fotor  IMG_7610

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Wonderful Days

IMG_1726We have begun our days bright and early, and after a warm and delicious guatemalan breakfast, the bus picks us up to take us to whatever new adventure the day will bring.

On Wednesday, the team went to visit the small school Los Encinos, which was built by the team a few years ago. It was a special time as we shared with the kids the Bible story of Joseph, and gathered around to pray at the end. After that we went to spend the rest of the day at the AOJ school. As soon as we arrived, the children ran to greet us with big hugs, they give us such joy! We were able to visit with the sponsored children and their families, shared our testimonies with the high school students, taught Bible classes to four different groups of kids, and spent wonderful times with the staff and students. The day overflowed with happiness and blessings!

Today we built four more houses for four more special families. When the house is finished, the team gathers with the family to dedicate the home and pray with them. Many tears are shed as they express their gratitude to God, and convey just how much this means to them. This has highly impacted my life and changed my perspective on a lot of things!

God has blessed us by giving us already wonderful and unforgettable memories.

Tomorrow is another full day at the mission! I will post an update as soon as I’m able to. I will also post more pictures at the end, as I am having a little bit of trouble uploading them.

But here are a few, enjoy an God bless!


Some of the kids during class.


IMG_1583 IMG_1588

A remote and very poor area we went to build houses at.


Our view from the terrace of the beautiful house the team is staying at.


Day 1

It’s amazing how one day can change your perspective on life.

Yesterday we began our day early, we received a heart warming welcome by the staff and children at the Arms of Jesus School. We also headed out to a village called San Andres Itzapa where we built four houses.

The big smiles on their faces as their simple home rose before their eyes was enough to realize just how much we take for granted in life, and realize what an honor it is to be a small part of sharing God’s hope and love to this precious people.


Before and after:

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